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Live the essence of the great bullfights through these decks inspired by the popular festival born in Spain. The big bulls in the Aces jump into the ring and fight for their survival against the brave toreadors armed with capes, spears and swords on the court cards or the picadors in the Jokers. Metallic gold and silver inks help show off the majestic costumes and intricate design elements.

All of the characters are fictional so feel free to make up your own back story.

This fully custom deck is suitable for all uses whether it be a game of poker, performing some card magic with the included gaff cards or just showing off your cardistry moves. Only 200 were gilded so it makes a great collector's item too!

Get yours today, Ole!

Please note gilding can wear off with moderate use.
Printed by USPCC on classic stock
Gilded Prism silver
Traditional cut
Standard Poker size
Air-Cushion embossed finish
Metallic ink used on cards & box
52 cards & 2 Jokers
2 gaffs; double back & double face
Designed by Juniardi Satyanagara
Produced by Will Roya
Limited edition of 200
2021 release
Bicycle Matador Gilded Edition Red Playing Cards

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