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Zoom Azure Dragon Classic Box Set
Zoom Azure Dragon Classic Box Set
Zoom Azure Dragon Classic Box Set
Zoom Azure Dragon Classic Box Set
Zoom Azure Dragon Classic Box Set
Zoom Azure Dragon Classic Box Set
Zoom Azure Dragon Classic Box Set
Zoom Azure Dragon Classic Box Set
Zoom Azure Dragon Classic Box Set
Zoom Azure Dragon Classic Box Set
Zoom Azure Dragon Classic Box Set

Azure Dragon Classic Box Set

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Azure Dragon Classic Box Set


Azure Dragon Playing Cards

Through intricate arrangements and cuts, playing cards are transformed into sculptures of art and presented as part of the artwork on the tuck box. This not only enhances the depth and layers of the design but also shows off the ingenuity of the artist.

ARK has combined the art of paper carving and the playing card tuck box into one. This ingenious workmanship and creativity are also evident in this entire series of playing cards.


1. The Azure Dragon

One of the Four Devine Beasts in Chinese Mythology.

2. Original paper sculpture mechanism

Dual function of storage and display tuck box design.

3. Self-elevating collector’s gift box

Automatically elevates to the ideal viewing angle.

4. Independent research and development of the color foiling process.

Unparalleled handling for you to enjoy such a dazzling moment.

ARK Playing Cards drew inspiration from one of the mythical guardians of the East, the Azure Dragon. Taking shape in a uniquely designed tuck box, which magically doubles as storage and display of art.

The Cards

The design of the Azure Dragon Playing Cards pays tribute to and reproduces the classic image of the mythical beast. From the tuck box to the playing cards, and other design elements of the Dragon and the Warriors on the court cards.

Through the extremely delicate gold gilding and foiling process, pearl paper embossing, and cutting technique, fully reflects the Azure Dragon as a noble and luxurious work of art.

The degree of detail is exorbitant. Golden vines interweaved with the black frames embellished with dragon pearls are the main elements of the back design of the Azure Dragon, which further enhances the exquisite details and holistic sense of each playing card.

There are a lot of other Chinese elements. The abstract fish swimming in a Tai Chi Yin and Yang pattern in the center of the back design, the wishful cloud patterns surrounding the dragon, and so on. There are many more ingenious details of cultural elements waiting for you to be uncovered.

The design of the Aces is an extension of the golden vines and black frame patterns on the back design and combines delicate armor and weapons according to the color and shape of the suits.

The Joker takes the Chinese Yin Yang Tai Chi model, combining the shapes of the sun and moon with armor-like designs.

The court cards portray generals and officers of different military ranks, wielding traditional Chinese weapons.

The cards are printed by APCC on Italian black core paper stock.

The Tuck Box

The display on the tuck box is this kirigami-style paper carving. There are seven layers on the front of the tuck box, five of which are three-dimensional cutouts. The 0.02mm margin of error allows for even the dragon's whiskers and the edges of each dragon scale to be clearly visible.

It’s not only the Azure Dragon soaring in the starry sky, but the box also has the magical dual functions of display and storage.

After the playing cards are retrieved, the multi-layered structure will automatically expand, filling the entire space inside the tuck box, transforming the card box into a visually stunning piece of artwork. To store the playing cards, you only need to gently push the mechanism at the bottom of the card box to easily collapse the structure and place the playing cards inside.

It’s like a whole different universe between the two states, just like the Azure Dragon, rising up to soar into the sky, or coursing through the sea.

The delicate hollow 3D structure is all done by hand.

Such ingenious and meticulous craftsmanship is what the Azure Dragon deserves.


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