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The groundbreaking and highly sought after complete Arcana tarot deck featuring 84 cards in one tuck case! Arcana is a blend of tarot cards and poker cards with lavishly illustrated royals and major arcana cards, while maintaining traditional number cards. Rendered in a hand-engraved style, Arcana brings the rich heritage of tarot and playing cards together. Now available as a complete set in one side-opening tuck box.

Set Includes:

84 playing card sized cards in a foil stamped and embossed side opening tuck
Richly designed royals and major arcana cards
Traditional number cards with pips
Extra and gaff cards for magicians (can be omitted for tarot and cartomancy)

This is the definitive second edition of Light Arcana.

NOTE: Dimension of the deck is Poker Sized (3.5" x 2.5")
Arcana Full Tarot Light Playing Cards

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