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1st Playing Cards are the first of its kind. "1st" representing my very first solo venture in to the playing card industry but also representing the first comments I get on various platforms  from supporters around the world. It's representative of what I've grown in to, what I love and how I see the community that I live in.

This deck will come in stack and comes complete with a custom design, re-coloring of face cards using metallic ink and custom jokers. You will also receive one blank card as well as a duplicate. The foil "1st" running right to the edges is something brand new which has never been done in the history of USPCC, and offers a beautiful result when fanning or spreading the deck. Together , these elements create a subtle yet strikingly bold and attractive design.

The Tuck Case

Custom design printed by Clove Street Press with high quality stock. A gold foil strip surrounds the tuck with an embossed "1st" in white. I've found the fans in the deck to have a nice gold line when fanned out and wanted the same for the tuck cases when put side by side. A surprise design lies on the inside.

1st v1 Playing Cards

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