Welcome to the RunIt Decks Rewards System. RunIt Decks Reward System was created to give thanks to the most wonderful people - YOU. The system enables you to get instant discounts by converting your points into store voucher. And also allows you to obtain the latest and most exclusive items ever existed in the market at the tip of your finger.

1. To start of, you need to have a customer account which can be made here. Reward Points are recorded and tracked on a per account basis - you must be logged into your customer account when checking out to earn points on your purchases.
2. All completed online purchases made from January 1, 2014 will be earning points and will be reflected to your accounts. Purchase completed online and points not yet reflected? Contact us.
You earn ONE (1) point for every Peso spent on products for non-VIPs, and TWO (2) points for every Peso spent for VIPs.
Want to use it for discounts instead? We can convert your points in a form of store vouchers which will be sent electronically to your email address. Every 40 points you earn can be redeemed for 1php store credit which can be used on your next order with us. Convert yours now.

1. Earn by purchasing online: ONE (1) point for every Peso spent on products for non-VIPs, and TWO (2) points for VIPs.
2. Earn by new customer referrals: Get 500 points for every new purchasing customer you refer. New purchasing customer must indicate in the comment section the complete name of the referrer. The referrer will receive the reward points once the order has been shipped.
3. Earn by posting recent purchase: Get 200 points per order by posting your most recent purchase with a short feedback to our Facebook Page or use the Instagram Hashtag #runitdecks. Image must only contain decks that have been purchased in store (for September 4 purchases onwards). Owner of the image must inform us about the image/post. 
4. Contest, events, giveaways, and promotions will be made for you to get more points!

1. Applicable to all completed ONLINE orders made from January 1, 2014. Rewards are subject to applicable shipping fees.
2. Expires one year from date of last purchase.
3. Reward Points will be awarded once order has been shipped. At anytime, RunIt Decks may conduct a review on all the reward points tallied to ensure validity of the reward points.
4. RunIt Decks reserves the right to ban individuals who deem to abuse the system. Privilege is not applicable to individuals who have been flagged from previous transactions.
5. Free items resulting from this privilege do not have a warranty. RunIt Decks will not be liable for damages incurred during shipment.
6. A maximum of 50000 reward points may be redeemed per month.

7. The Rewards System will continue to take effect until such time RunIt Decks terminates the system for any reason. An announcement shall be made on the website or through other means 30 days prior to the termination of the system.
8. Terms and conditions may be altered without further notice. By accessing and using the Rewards System, you agree to the Terms and Conditions stated above.

Update as of January 31, 2018. Earning of rewards points will be until January 31, 2018. Redemptions of reward points will be until February 28, 2018.

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