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Eros - A Limited Edition Erotic Tarot Deck
By: Uusi

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All we need is LOVE. A naughty take on the traditional Marseilles tarot makes this Limited Edition deck one you don't want to miss!

We are Peter Dunham and Linnea Gits from the Chicago design studio, Uusi and we want to thank you for stopping by to check out our project, "Eros", a naughty, super Limited Edition tarot that celebrates humanity's irresistible superpower – love!

Love, love, love, loooooooove! What can we say that hasn't already been said about the oldest "game" on Earth?! Other than it is one glorious game we all can play and that we all have been exquisitely made for.  And what better way to sneak in some naughty fun to your tarot readings and games than with this risque little Marseilles-style tarot! 



Our playful take on the traditional Marseilles tarot is based on the colorful characters of our Hotcakes playing card deck whose burlesque courts came to life on Kickstarter a few years ago, and are now set loose in this tarot's naughty Garden of Love.   All the imagery in this tarot has been hand-inked by Peter Dunham and painted with watercolors by Linnea Gits giving it a charm we hope you find irresistible.

Super Limited First Edition "Eros".  If funded we are only printing 1000 First Editions of "Eros" tarot making this THE MOST Limited Edition production run we have ever produced.

My Funny Valentine  We invite you to join "Idleness" and "Ease" – those two porters to the doorway of love –  who are playing a racy, end of summer game of cards with this deck, divining the future and having an all-around bawdy-good time tweaking our favorite pastime(s) ;). We hope you back this project and help us to make this seriously lighthearted tarot happen – we want to send it your way come Valentine's Day!

Eros Pips  All the "pips" in the Minor Arcana will be created in the spirit of the traditional Marseilles-style tarot using Wands, Swords, Coins & Cups. Sprinkled with a heavy dose of loooove of course ;)

Uusi Title  Card / The Seeker In tarot readings the person who is searching for answers from the tarot is often called "The Seeker".  We introduced The Seeker as a card for our Pagan Otherworlds tarot last year – basically we created a 23rd Major Arcana card to represent you – and are continuing that tradition with Eros.

Eros Card Back  Love is in the air! A look at the backside of this cheeky deck :)


Uusi Luna Cards We introduced our Luna cards first in our Pagan Otherworlds Tarot and are continuing that innovation with Eros, but having a little fun with The Man In The Moon this time around. 

There will be 5 cards created for this deck that represent the 8 pivotal phases in the lunar calendar: New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter & Waning Crescent. Three of the cards have been uniquely designed to represent six of the moon's phases depending on how the card is oriented

Shown above are the two rotations of our Crescent Moon card – we will be revealing the other of the moon during the project!

-Limited First Edition of only 1000 decks.
-Large Format Cards / 75mm x 130mm.
-22 Major Arcana Cards. 56 Minor Arcana Cards. 5 Luna Cards. 1 Uusi "Seeker" Card.
-Printed on card stock specially developed to be one of the thickest, most luxurious playing card stocks ever released.
-Premium paper and embossed design for the tuck box.
-Manufactured by Expert Playing Card Company.

Uusi "Eros Garden of Love" Tarot Bag  Screen print on cotton drawstring bags depicting The Garden of Love's two cupid porters, "Idleness" and "Ease" escorting the legendary beauty, "Psyche" through the Garden of Love.  Original artwork by Peter Dunham & Linnea Gits. Bag dimensions: 5" x 7" 

"Hotcakes" Playing Card Deck  This is the deck that started it all! We are making the red version of this deck available in a Limited Reward Tier only.


"Eros" 24KT Hand Gilded Decks Uusi was the first design studio and to date, the only company to produce hand-gilded decks using traditional 400+ year-old gilding techniques. These decks are extremely rare and highly sought-after by the playing card and tarot deck community as each one is a work of highly skilled craftsmanship that will resonate and endure for years to come.Each deck is hand gilded by Peter Dunham at our studio. Singed and numbered with a special seal. *Available as a Limited Reward Tier only.