Counterfeit (DVD and Gimmick)
By: Magic World

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Six cards. Two free spectator choices. One mental miracle! The name may be COUNTERFEIT but the reactions are REAL! 

Counterfeit is a handling of a packet trick from the devious mind of Stephen Tucker (used with kind permission), with an adapted presentation by Daniel Meadows. 

Imagine this: 
-6 cards are displayed bearing the pictures of some dubious sounding DVD titles
-The spectator chooses a DVD for themselves
-The spectator then chooses a DVD for you
-Despite the spectator making both choices, you can show that they were successful in selecting the 2 cards that are different!
-Was it your influence or their intuition? You decide! 

Points to remember:
-Easy to do!
-Resets instantly!
-Works every time!
-No memory work!
-No angle issues!
-No tricky language!
-Can be performed without a table!

On the accompanying DVD, Daniel Meadows runs you through everything you need to know to be able to add this to your repertoire. Minimal pocket space required; maximum spectator reaction!