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Circuit (DVD and Gimmick)
By: Zach Heath

Availability: Pre-order (See Description)

Place a ring on your index finger - fairly. With a jolt of your wrist, it visibly JUMPS to your middle finger. That’s only the beginning.

A second shake makes the ring jump to your ring finger. Then back to the middle finger. As a final feat, you can make the ring jump from your middle finger ALL the way to your pinky.

There is no cover, no awkward movements, and no ditching.

It’s all completely visual, right in front of your eyes. As soon as you’re finished, you cleanly remove the ring and hand it out for inspection. Circuit is 100% examinable before and after the effect.

No get ready. No setup. Instantly perform it on demand - on command. Works perfectly as an engaging, powerful opener. It's completely clean.

Includes a Tungsten ring specifically designed for Circuit. No matter how closely the spectators look, they won’t catch the secret. The ring feels and looks completely normal and can be worn anywhere, all the time.

​Not sure of your middle finger size? Use this size calculator with any desktop printer.