Avant Garde United Cardists 2017 Playing Cards by Edgy Brothers | RunIt Decks
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Avant Garde United Cardists 2017 Playing Cards
By: Edgy Brothers

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Edgy Brothers is very proud to offer the United Cardists 2017 5th Annual Deck of custom playing cards! 

This deck was inspired by Art Deco and Art Nouveau themes. The result is a deck that we think is some of the best work that Dave Edgerly, its artist, has ever produced. 

The green color for these courts is a more passionate hue, which matches the animated expressions of the characters.
The tucks are made of soft touch 300 gsm Black art paper using two foils - Green and Silver
100% Custom Design
Limited Edition - one printing, never to be reprinted
Poker size deck, 54 cards
Printed by EPCC
Master Finish
Gold metallic ink