Artilect Playing Cards
By: Card Experiment

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Concept of the Artilect Deck

In the foreseeable future, when they arrive, and arrive they will, they will be smarter, think faster and have a larger, practically unlimited memory.

They will be godlike; They will be utterly non-human.

The Artilect deck re-imagines artificial intelligence by combining classic design devices and bold avant-garde features to create a representation that is uncannily humanlike yet non-humanlike. Will there be war or will there be peace?

-Printed on Aristocrat® stock with USPCC's Magic Finish provides exceptional handling
-Ultra-thin border
-Custom Aces, Jokers, Court Cards, Pips & Index
-Designed by artist/illustrator Mart Biemans from the Netherlands
-Printed by the United States Playing Card Company. Made in USA