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Bicycle Little Atlantis Playing Cards
By: Gambler's Warehouse

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Little Atlantis is a theme based story of a little kingdom under the sea. The kingdom is ruled by four families to keep their little world balanced. Each family represents its own Qualities and Specialties. 

- The Spade family represents Wisdom 
- The Club family represents Power 
- The Hearts family represents Love 
- The Diamonds family represents Justice 

Together they make their little world peaceful and prosperous. 

Gamblers Warehouse and Devina of Yellow Dice have collaboratively worked together on this project to bring forward these fun loving and bright colored decks. 

Bicycle Little Atlantis Day Playing Cards:
Set of 56 playing cards
Customized courts and jokers
Custom pips
Interior print design
Air cushion finish
Custom seal
Printed by USPCC
Limited to 2500 decks