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Apothecary Playing Cards
By: Alex Chin

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Welcome to the Apothecary...


...where curiosity thrives and inspiration is always at your fingertips. The Apothecary is an homage to the mystical, to the handcrafted, to the detailed, and to the inspirational. It emphasizes the craft of what it takes to create playing cards, embracing the mystery of what we strive for. 


Deck Features for Ponderings and Insights:  

Shimmering gold and silver foiling wrap the deck band to catch light in every direction. 
Raised embossed tuck cases printed on exquisite linen-textured stock.
Metallic gold ink throughout the deck for class
Cards printed with our winning linen (Aristocrat) stock and coated with premium magic finish for ultimate performance handling. 
Mysterious "Ingredient Logs and Directions of Use" with each pack. 
Cards printed with the United States Playing Card Company