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Artifice Stainless Steel Card Clip
By: Ellusionist

Availability: Sold Out

"My favorite deck needs a stainless steel hug" - Eric Wall

The Artifice Stainless-Steel Card Clip will increase the life of your playing cards by protecting them from the knocks, scratches and wear of everyday life. The Ace and twin guns of the artifice are laser-etched into the front of the clip, whilst the back is emblazoned with the instantly recognisable jacquard back design.

The spine of this professional grade card guard bares the latin 'Ars Est Celare Artem' - the motto of Artifice; 'True Art Conceals its Art'.


• Brushed Stainless Steel, pro-grade
• Keeps your Cards protected when not in use
• Designed by Ellusionist
• Laser-Etched design on Front, Back and Spine of Clip