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Superior Skulls and Bones Special Edition Playing Cards
By: Expert Playing Card Co

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This deck breaks new ground all over the place! Limited to 1000 numbered decks, this is the most exciting deck of 2017. More details...
Finish: JN
Edition Limitation: 1000
Tuck: Neck and Shoulder with Magnetics
Designer: Jackson Robinson

Skull & Bones Special Edition!*

A very special version of Skull & Bones unearthed by Jackson Robinson and printed to exacting standards by Expert Playing Card Co.!
This edition introduces Perfecta Foil! Expert's brand new innovative foil technology that allows absolutely incredibly fine foil detail on each and every card back.

Limited to 1000 decks and each with a numbered, silver foil seal.

In addition to the amazing new card backs and new technology this deck also comes in a very special neck and shoulder box. This great box is made with soft touch paper and foil stamped and also hit with spot UV. Additionally it has hidden magnets that give it a satisfying click when you close it.