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Stand Up Monte (Instructions and Gimmick)
By: Garrett Thomas and Kozmomagic

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Finally Released On DVD!
This will be one of your favorite tricks to perform! 

In The Hands Wildcard Effect that makes sense to real-world audiences. Garrett Thomas' Stand Up Monte includes eight or more transpositions or transformations. 

Draw them in with an intriguing story about games, gambling, scams, hustlers and cons. 

Then add the strength of magic that happens in the spectators hands, combined with the visual power of the classic Wildcard effect. 

This easy to do routine happens All In The Hands, yours and the spectators, No Table Required. Best of all, it automatically resets. 

Truly Audience Tested 

This routine has been used professionally by Garrett for the last 15 years with over 15,000 performances! This effect has been an underground favorite with many of the top working magicians today. 

All Necessary Tools Provided 

Running Time Approximately: 90min