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Damaged Decks SALE

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These are DAMAGED (corner/edges bumps/crush) decks that we have accumulated through the years. Decks are sealed and brand new so we cannot tell if the cards inside are also DAMAGED or not.

The deck you will receive are COMPLETELY RANDOM and chosen from the list below. If you order multiple decks, we will try our best to make sure that you will not get the same deck twice. 

Please, no special requests.

List as follows:
-Aladdin 1001 Smooth Finish Red
-Alice in Wonderland Gold
-Artifice Emerald
-Bicycle Black Ghost 2nd Edition
-Bicycle Be@rbrick Playing Cards 
-Bicycle Chinese Opera 
-Bicycle Espionage Foil 
-Bicycle Shadow Masters Air-Cushion
-Bicycle Tragic
-Bicycle Vintage 1800 v2 Red
-Cardistry Con 2017 
-Cherry Deck v3
-Crown Deck Black
-Fontaine Playing Cards Carrots
-Gaff System Deck 
-Gatorback Black
-HMNIM Playing Cards
-Karnival Midnight Foil
-Killer Bees 
-Madison Rounders 
-Madison Hellions 
-NOC Originals Yellow
-Origins Cardistry Touch 
-Playing Arts v2
-Rarebit Playing Cards Copper
-Smoke & Mirrors v7 Eco Green
-Steel Deck 
-Tally-Ho Circle Blue
-Tally-Ho Circle Red
-Tally-Ho Gaff
-Tally-Ho Viper Fan
-Tendril Playing Card Ascendant
-Tendril Playing Card Nightfall
-Virtuoso Deck v4
-VISA Blue
-VISA Gold

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