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Bee Coterie Gold Edition Playing Cards (Signed)
By: Coterie 1902

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Our chief creative director Zenneth Kok conceptualized the Coterie Edition Bee Playing Cards. He only had one goal when designing this deck – to develop a deck of playing cards that retains all the fine qualities of Bee playing cards yet manifesting the needs of professional magicians and cardistry practitioners at the same time.

“Bee” playing cards by US Playing Cards Company is without a doubt THE most recognized playing cards worldwide, for this reason, it will less likely to provoke the suspicion of your audience for whether trick decks are being used in your performance.

The Gold and Black Diamond Back design is simple yet elegant, and above all, this design will not distract your audience from perceiving the revelation of magic effects and the display of finger dexterity.

The superb card feel, snap and durability of “Bee” playing cards are unparallel.

The Coterie Bee Playing Cards also facilitate magicians with an advantageous presence to audiences in a unique way. You can customize the deck by writing your name and signing the deck on the back of the tuck case, instantly you become a Member of a PRESTIGIOUS and secretive ELITE magician society!

Simple and Elegant, The Coterie Bee Playing Cards is a statement of your professionalism.

5200 decks for 1st edition:
-Casino Quality “Bee” playing cards Paper Stock and finish
-“Members Only” Card Box Design
-Two identical Jokers
-King of Hearts Gaff
-Double Backer