Bee Erdnase Acorn Back Red Playing Cards (2 Decks) by Conjuring Arts Research Center | RunIt Decks
Bee Erdnase Acorn Back Red Playing Cards (2 Decks)
By: Conjuring Arts Research Center

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NOTE: This listing is for two decks (1 Cambric, 1 Ivory)

Since our previous release sold so quickly (the Red Smith Erdnase 1902 decks sold out in less than a day!), it will behoove the prospective buyer to get these, our most luxurious release, as quickly as possible. Extremely limited and elegantly designed by Guy Hollingworth, the Red Acorn edition of the Erdnase 1902 Playing Cards feature a deep red with gold features on a white bordered card. There are various other details that enhance this deck, including some additional design details on the faces of the cards, as well as a built in feature that make these cards particularly inclined to miracles right out of the box. We modestly think it is one of the most beautiful decks released in the history of the world!

As usual, these are printed on the finest Bee Casino 825 paper, with a special coating, and are available in both Ivory (Smooth) and Cambric (Embossed) finishes (Please e-mail us to specify how many of each you would like, Cambric will be sent otherwise). Additionally, they are cut to the same specifications as Richard Turner’s cards so they shuffle and faro extremely well.