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Arthurian Playing Cards
By: Kings Wild Project

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About this project



Since I started making playing cards, I spent time making lists of possible deck ideas.  The King Authur Legend always made the list.  I have been inspired by this legend since I was a child and now I am excited to share this deck with you.   

The Authur Legend is full of rich characters and a wide range of lore.  All this history makes it an ideal foundation for a playing card deck. Kings, Knights, Queens, Love, Betrayal, and Brotherhood are just a few of the themes that play out in this beloved story.  

When I decided to capture the story of the Authur Legend, I then picked an art style that has been attractive to me for years.  The art for this deck is a reflection of the Book of Kells.  The Book of Kells is a beautiful hand drawn and written illuminated manuscript that tells the story of the four Gospels of the Bible. This book was written around the same time as the origins of the King Arthur story.  This legend and art style are a perfect compliment to each other. 


Excalibur Edition details

Tuck Case:

Premium grade soft touch crimson red paper with gold foil design of Excalibur seated in the magical anvil. Once the box is opened the legendary sword Excalibur is pulled from the anvil.

Playing Cards:

The playing cards will be printed by the Expert Playing Card Company.

Excalibur Edition court card examples:



Camelot Edition



The Camelot Edition is one of the most interesting and unique editions of playing cards I have done. It is a limited run of only 1000 decks. A simple, crimson red, soft touch tuck case with the word "Arthurian" across the front, is housed inside a custom made book style box that is covered in simulated leather and has gold foil on the interior to simulate the gilding of an ancient book. The bookcase also features the word "Arthurian" in gold foil along the spine. Each Camelot Edition comes sealed and individually numbered. All of the artwork for the Camelot Edition is unique and different than the Excalibur Edition making this deck a true collector's item.


Edition Differences:

Below you will see an example of some of the artistic differences in the court cards between the Excalibur Edition and the Camelot Edition. In the Camelot Edition, each suit will have its own unique suite Celtic knot border. Other notable differences will be much more elaborate aces (yet to be revealed) and a unique dyptich joker (also yet to be revealed).