Surprise Pack
By: RunIt Decks

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Feeling lucky? This item is for you!

Get a Semi-Premium Pack for 450php and you get a brand new RANDOM item worth 550php to 750php!
Get a Premium Pack for 750php and you get a brand new RANDOM an item worth 850php to 2500php!

If you purchase more than one pack, we will do our best for you not to get a duplicate item. NO REQUESTS PLEASE.

Sample items for the Semi-Premium Pack:
Bicycle Collar White
Draconian Blue
Draconian Orange
Encarded Standard Edition 
Glamor Nugget
Golden Spike Golden Edition
Grinders Copper
Madison Hellions v1
Madison Hellions v2
NOC Sport Green + 1 piece Clear Case by Gentle Miracle
NOC Sport Pink + 1 piece Clear Case by Gentle Miracle
Ravn Green
Ravn Red
Teliad Brown
US Army 
And MANY MORE items worth 550php to 750php!

Sample items for the Premium Pack:

52 Plus Jokers 2015
Arcane Red Playing Cards 
Black Friday 
Cardistry Con 2017 
Chicken Nuggets v2 Red
Crazy 8's Standard
Dia de los Muertos Gold
Empire Bloodlines Blue
Fontaine Playing Cards Yellow
Glitch 2.0 Green
Glitch 2.0 Orange
Golden Spike Black Ink
Independence Continental
Independence Crown
LTD Playing Cards White
Madison Confessions
Madison Gamblers Playing Cards
Madison Martyrs
Madison Rounders Private Reserve
Madison Saints
Montague vs Capulet 
National Playing Card Collection Day 
NOC Playing Cards v3 Snow Leopard
Origins by Cardistry Touch
Odyssey Boreal + 1 piece Clear Case
Tally-Ho Turtle Back Green Standard
Virtuoso F/W17 + 1 piece Clear Case
Wasteland Desert Ranger
Wasteland Radioactive
Whispering Imps Gamesters Black
Whispering Imps Gamesters Black LE
Whispering Imps Gamesters Red
Whispering Imps Gamesters Red LE
Whispering Imps Original
Whispering Imps PR
Whispering Imps Special Edition
Wynn Encore
Zen Playing Cards Royal Experimental

And MANY MORE items worth 850php to 2500php!