Bicycle Middle Kingdom (Black/White) Playing Cards
By: Doug Frye

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Beautiful Bicycle® China-inspired playing cards featuring all-custom line art, printed by USPC. Bicycle® brand printing is approved!

-100% custom black-on-white and white-on-black line art
-All reward tiers will receive the screen saver and two downloadable  sample pages from the coloring book
-Mixed-deck reward tiers for White and Black decks as stretch goals are met
-Kickstarter-only seals available
-Limited-Edition, embossed-tuck decks available as stretch goals with their own tiers when unlocked
-Bicycle® brand printing has been approved!
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-Coloring books for adults! T-shirts!
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Check out the black deck, some high resolution card images, and the part of the coloring book at the bottom of the page!

My design partners at Deveo Media and I have created a project showcasing Chinese culture. We hope you enjoy seeing it as much as we enjoyed making it!

“Middle Kingdom” was used to refer to civilizations around the Yellow River Valley before the empires leading to modern-day China began to form. The two characters in the ideogram for China, 中国, are part of those for Middle Kingdom, 中央王国, so the reference has stood the test of time. The court cards use exquisitely detailed line art of Chinese deities and people, while the card back is a great freehand drawing with interpretations of Chinese lattice borders and, of course, a dragon.

China's vast history provides a rich palette of subjects for court cards.


King of Hearts: Pangu, the first living being and creator of the Earth from chaos

King of Diamonds: Caishen, the main Chinese deity of prosperity

King of Clubs: Huangdi, the Yellow Emperor, creator of the centralized state

King of Spades: Tai Di, the "Primordial Divinity" or "Utmost God"


Queen of Hearts: He Xiangu, an immortal renowned for her selfless caring for others

Queen of Diamonds: Lan Caihe, an immortal portrayed sometimes as a man dressed as a woman and other times as a woman, Lan Caihe was said to have ridden to heaven on the back of a magical swan while in a drunken stupor

Queen of Clubs: Xi Wangmu, Queen Mother of the West. She held court and allowed deities to meet in her perfect palace

Queen of Spades: Nuwa, humanity's creator along with her twin brother, Fuxi


Jack of Hearts: Fuxi, humanity's creator along with his twin sister, Nuwa

Jack of Diamonds: Luxing, a deity who made people happy through promotions and salary increases

Jack of Clubs: Yu Shi, the rain deity

Jack of Spades: Zhan Yinbao, an Army officer

Fantastic creatures play a large role in Chinese mythology, and we wanted to honor those representing our suits:


Phoenix (Hearts)- Sun, warmth, and love

Kui (Clubs)- A one-legged Ox that would warn of coming storms. The Yellow Emporer (the King of Spades) used Kui's skin for a drum that could be heard hundreds of miles away

Pixiu (Diamonds)- Brings in good luck and wealth and drives away evil

Dragon (Spades)- The most powerful creature

The card back combines a dragon with another famous Chinese element, the Yin-Yang symbol. This symbol represents positive and negative, order and chaos, male and female.

Combining elements of Chinese architecture, latticework, and dragon art, the tuck box is the perfect complement to the cards.