Ophen (Instructions and Gimmick)
By: Ellusionist

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PH is an instagram magician. Someone who's gained incredible notoriety for his outlandish visual creations. 

Ophen is his debut release on Ellusionist and helps you transform your box into a potent utility device.

The most un-assuming object in your pocket becomes your most powerful accomplice in magic. 

Real world practicality with instagram-style visuals. 

Taught on this DVD is an array of visual eye-candy that lets you unhinge the jaws of spectators. 

- Move permanent ink 
- Produce & Vanish objects 
- Tear and restore cards 
- Perform hands-off revelations. 

Everything you need is provided in this package. Giving you instant power to perform these visuals within minutes of opening.

Your audience expects a card trick. A box trick is a Sucker Punch. 

Let the box do the work. 

Get Ophen TODAY.

Format: DVD 
Difficulty: Easy