No. 17 Le Chat Rouge Playing Cards
By: Requiem Team

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Custom Designed Poker Size Playing Cards - Limited Edition

No.17  "Le Chat Rouge" is a custom designed deck of poker size playing cards.  "Le Chat Rouge" (red cat in French)  is the name i chose for the third and final version of the "No.17" deck. I started the design over 1 year ago, and I have continuously improved on since I wanted to make an elegant and intriguing version.

About the production: The deck will be printed by Expert Playing Card Company (EPCC) with classic finish. The goal for this deck is a little high because the deck is full of features and the production costs are very high (twice a normal deck). I need to produce at least 2000 units to keep the production costs affordable.

All the court cards (J,Q,K) are illustrated and the 4 aces are big and ornate. The pips (2 to 10) are improved, and the jokers are "jester-cats". All the cards have an elegant black border. It is easy to play with, readability is very good, and the cards are made with casino quality paper and finishing.

The back is full-bleed  with red foiled accents.

For this deck I decided to make a tuck-box without ink, it will be foiled in black and red, embossed, on black paper. More will be unveiled during the campaign, such as the back side and other details.