KLIK (Online Instructions and Gimmick) by Agus Tjiu | RunIt Decks
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KLIK (Online Instructions and Gimmick)
By: Agus Tjiu

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Welcome to KLIK! With just one click from a spectator's camera phone, they can witness the card literally changing as they take the shot and capture it in the fairest way in their phone gallery. 

Effect: Spectator selects a card from the deck. The magician finds the WRONG card. The spectator holds up this incorrect card, and a photo is taken using THEIR camera phone. When the photo is viewed, the card has CHANGED to the CORRECT card, held by the spectator! Incredible!

No augmented reality
No apps required
No switch
Just a single card KLIK
2 special gaff cards, the 3 of Spades and 8 of Clubs
Happens in their hand, in their camera phone
Works automatically
Available in blue or red back
Made with quality standards from Tjiu Magic, creator of "Cross" and "Leap", bringing this game changer to the standard "color change" effect - KLIK will astound your audience!