How To Order
How To Order

1. Fill up your cart by selecting items you wish to purchase and click "Add to Cart" button.
2. A pop-up notification will confirm item(s) added to cart.
3. Click on shopping cart to review your order.


4. Review your cart summary. Items, quantities, and reward points to be received.
5. Vouchers, coupon codes, and shipping estimates can be encoded.
6. Click on "Checkout" to confirm your order.

7. Review your billing address, delivery address, delivery method.
8. Payment options:
    a. Bank Transfer - for bank deposits, money transfers, and payment upon meetup.
    b. Paypal Express Checkout - for major credit cards and Paypal account payments.
9. Add comments to your order, review terms and conditions, and confirm.


‚Äč                           An oder confirmation window will prompt to confirm your order has been placed.
                           IMPORTANT: Your order will not ship until complete payment has been made. Unpaid
                           orders beyond 24 hours will be voided.