Fournier Lee Asher 605 Playing Cards
By: Lee Asher

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With the signature touch of Lee Asher, the expert hands of Spanish card manufacturer Fournier, and the prestigious Lloyd's of London approval - we present the 605 series. Made in Vitoria, Spain and imported to the United States.

Attention to detail like no other 
With exquisite attention to detail, this luxurious deck of cards was created with an exclusive selection of the best raw materials and a manufacturing process equipped with strict quality controls. 

Superb Quality
The vintage brown 605s are impeccably printed, free of defects or marks, and finished with an exclusive varnish formula guaranteeing a precise slide. Thanks to the individualized cutting system, all the cards are exactly equal, with perfectly rounded corners and superb borders.

These cards are designed to maintain their original form and to be handled for many hours without symptoms of wear or suffering any tears