World War II Warships Playing Cards
By: SiShou Playing Cards

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Inspired by World War II Navy Battleships, Destroyers, and Aircraft Carriers. A perfect wartime collectors item.


The World War II Warships Playing Cards is a fully customised set of playing cards designed by Alvin Cheung. This year marking the 75th year since the attack on Pearl Harbour, the deck was inspired by the warships that served during World War II. Each court card is featured by its very own warship and captain, making it a unique and memorable deck of cards.

As the designer, I have always been very interested in battleships. From the shape to the details. It is a no brainer for me to incorporate the warships with playing cards. You can not only admire the intricate design on the tuck box and cards, but also learn about the history of who commanded the ship during the war. This is truly a unique set of playing cards that can be admired and played with.


Extensive research has been made to produce the decks in order for them to be historically accurate. From the names of the captains to how they look and the ship they commanded.

With all these elements combined and the passion for luxury design, I present you the WWII Warships Playing Cards.-Metallic Ink on Cards 

-Gold / Silver Foil on tuck box 
-Embossed tuck box 
-Detailed artwork
-Printed by Legends Playing Card Co.




Add a great touch to your collection with this Collectors Edition Set for the WWII Warships Playing Cards. It is made with high-quality material to create a flip box containing 2 decks of cards. Every set will be unique with it being signed by the artist.