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Legal Tender Playing Cards
By: Kings Wild Project

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A series of illustrated playing cards by Jackson Robinson, inspired by the currencies of the world starting with the US and China.

About this project

Over three years ago I started on a journey of designing playing cards with my very first playing card Kickstarter titled Federal 52. Over those years I have grown so much as an illustrator and a playing card designer. It is my hope with Legal Tender to take what I have learned from all of the lessons and experiences over those years and create the finest deck of playing cards the I can create. Legal Tender is the natural evolution of my incredible love of currency art and bank note engraving. It is my hope with Legal Tender to create a series of decks that champion the vastly different styles and looks of currency of the world, starting with modern US and Chinese notes. Thank you so much for dropping by and thank you so much for backing the project.

Ben Franklin Time Lapse from Jackson Robinson on Vimeo.



Queen of Clubs Background Timelapse from Jackson Robinson on Vimeo.



Legacy Edition

Each Legacy Edition comes in a hand made African Wenge wood slip case, with a hand signed and numbered stamp and silver foil Kings Wild seal. Each case is hand made so the Legacy Editions will be limited to only 50 sets.


Dealer Coins NOW ADDED

Hello everyone, I hope all of you are doing well. I'm happy to announce that I am releasing two dealer coins. These coins will be 2 inches in diameter and both have an antiqued gold finish with ridged edges. These Chinese coin will feature a square hole similar to traditional Chinese coins. It also has the word "Legal Tender" in Mandarin.

Below are images of the black and white designs for the coins. I have also included a few pics of past coins I have done to show you the incredible quality and finish of what the coins will look like.