Empire Bloodlines Warrior Card Armour
By: Kings and Crooks

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The Empire Bloodlines Blue and Green Editions were delivered to the project creator already. Lee Mckenzie has specified that he will ship out orders containing Blue and Green editions in January.

Unfortunately, RunIt Decks' order contains the Limited Edition Warrior Card Clip which does not have an estimated delivery date yet.

This page will be updated as the project progresses.


​Why Warrior Card Armour?

I'm an accessory freak. I love stylish and clever "gear" that takes the ordinary things we love, and gives them a unique flair; an individual character. I love playing cards too and I was frustrated with the lack of creative evolution in the card accessory world. I wanted something to enhance my passion for the cards themselves, to push peoples' experience with their favorite playing cards to another, more personal level. Although there has been some interesting ideas slowly emerging in the card accessory world over the last few years, I believe there's room for so much more creativity. The Empire series of cards inspired and set the perfect stage for the Warrior and one thing is for sure, there's never been anything like it in the card world...till now.

What is the Warrior exactly?

Battle armour to protect your playing cards. It's a hardcore, iron-forged, genetically-mutated monster of a card clip and the very first of it's kind. It's rugged good looks are inspired by the fierce roman gladiator masks and it's solid form means it's built to last; defending your deck like a Warrior at war. 

With your help, together we can unlock the cage and unleash the Warrior. Battle armour built for the mightiest of warriors, is now custom built to protect your deck. Card clips, watch your back, evolution has begun.

Design & Features

-"Built for Battle" and "Born for Victory" are engraved along the left and right sides.
-The reverse features the Kings & Crooks logo along with the word "Warrior" embossed below.
-It's finished with a heavily distressed silver patina, like it came straight from the battlefield.
-The entrance features smooth curved lines that allow a deck to flow into the hold without causing damage to it's delicate packaging by avoiding butting corners or metal stabbing on edges.