Empire Bloodlines Limited Edition Playing Cards
By: Kings and Crooks

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The Empire Bloodlines Blue and Green Editions were delivered to the project creator already. Lee Mckenzie has specified that he will ship out orders containing Blue and Green editions in January.

Unfortunately, RunIt Decks' order contains the Limited Edition Warrior Card Clip which does not have an estimated delivery date yet.

This page will be updated as the project progresses.




These silky, elegant beauties feature a full bleed black back with a white centre edge band, in a more minimal variation of the Bloodlines style design. They also include metallic gold ink slathered across the finer details to enhance this fine collectors edition.



The faces are kept clean, not full black, and in this limited edition you'll find each index, pip and court detail of the hearts and diamonds shimmering with gold.

They come with in premium quality, luxurious black soft-touch paper tuck box, with metallic ink and blistering gold embossed details. The box will also have fine gold foil, hot stamped inside to finish the interior in style. Basically, the full monte.

Collectors numbered seal 
To stay true to the collectors, there'll be a custom seal featuring the exact number of every deck in the limited run. This is produced and applied at the time of manufacture so there will be no "dodgy" business. If you have the 0001 / xxxx, then that's the ONLY one.

This limited edition will be manufactured by Legends Playing Card Company (LPPC). If you have ever used some of the latest decks from Lawrence at LPPC, or Bill at Expert Playing Card Company/CARC, you will know first hand that these guys are throwing around some serious weight in the playing card manufacturing world. Their quality and low run capability is incredible, not to mention their attention to calibration and registration of artwork in printing is phenomenal and unmatched. Their card stock options and glass-like edges are fantastic and their operation is so flexible, with a great will to try new things and push new ideas in manufacturing. Rest assured, these cards will hold their own and then some. I'm basing this limited edition. With the limited run at such detail as the Empire Bloodlines, Legends Playing Card Co will be the guys for the job.