Centurions White Playing Cards (Signed)
By: Theory11

Availability: Sold Out

NOTE: This deck has been signed by Chris Kenner, one of the cards has been signed by Chris Kenner as well. Do note that the deck has been resealed to preserve the pristine condition of the deck. One deck available.


They are no longer available. There were less than 1,100 white Centurions printed, and almost all are spoken for.

Stemming from the original design and concept of our critically acclaimed Bicycle Centurions playing cards, the white Centurions first appeared in Chris Kenner's 1-on-1 effect Blueprint. Immediately, members from all over the world began expressing interest in them.

As it stands, there are less than 1,100 white Centurions in existence. The deck is the same as the original, only with an inverted more elegant appeal. The case presents a striking metaphor... a blank canvas with nothing more than a window to peer inside. Difficult to obtain, selling for over $300 a deck on eBay.